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 Pamphlet: Lucidity

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"A Theory of Spiritual Restoration must discuss exactly what is to be restored as well as what has been modifying it so that restoration has become necessary. Obviously, this standard has two parts: that which remains or has returned when the restoration is complete, and that which is to be removed or corrected.

"Ęscirian theory addresses both of these. In Ęscirology, these items are the essential individual (that which remains when the restoration is complete) and disorientation (that which is to be removed or corrected)."

So begins our perennially popular Pamphlet, Lucidity. Its purpose is to provide an introductory discussion of the applications of the Ęscirian spiritual psychology. If you are an experienced seeker with any firm frame of reference for the deeper questions about what's wrong with people and whether or not it can be repaired, this is where you should begin your examination of what we offer.

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A Theory of Origins
The Essential Individual
   The Effects of Disorientation
   Degrees of Lucidity
A Summary of the Basics
Semantic Adjustment
Lucidity Enhancement
      Condition Assessments
   The Session
      Zero-Point Clearing
      Access Coaching
      Integrity Mini-Course
      Alignment Construct
      Domains Assessment
      Strategic Contingency Planning
      The Standings
      Standings by Domain
Ability Enhancement
      Prime Paradigm Assessment
      Ability Exercises
Taking it From the Top

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