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   On the Precipice
   of Epiphany

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On the Precipice of Epiphany
an unexpected insight
changes the world

an introductory compilation
from the Speaker's essays and radio transcripts
8½x11, 162 pages

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this is a book about discovery
...of self, of purpose, of the true nature of the world....

Do you have Questions?

Questions about Life:

  • Why does power tend to corrupt?
  • How can people be so inconsiderate?
  • What is the cause and cure for "office politics"?
  • Why do so many people balk at real self-improvement work?
  • Why does religion fail people just when they need it the most?
  • How did we get here and why are we here?
  • What is the point?
Questions about Self:
  • Why does being around so-and-so, or going to certain places, or doing certain things, make me feel so bad?
  • Why is it that when I get really close to getting what I want, something goes wrong?
  • How do I know which is the most important self-improvement goal?
  • How do I get free of the unseen ties that bind?
  • Who or what am I, really?

Which of the following world-views do you hope is correct?

We are frail human beings who occupy an overpowering universe. We have little control over the forces of nature or life and death. We are born small and helpless and we continue to feel small, often powerless to affect our fate. Man is the only animal that is burdened with the unbearable knowledge that he will die.
   --a Humanist psychologist, unnamed out of courtesy

We are infinite aspects of consciousness who own a limitless multidimensional universe teeming with endless opportunities to experience the fruits of our ideas. Whether we realize it or not, from moment to moment we direct the forces of creation and nature and we select the general schemes and details of our lives. We are created with infinite capacities, and we sense, throughout our existence, that we have the power to determine our future. People are the active manifestation of the universal creative intelligence.
   --Speaker Allen

We refer to these as Life A, the Grand Illusion, and Life B, Truth.

On a sunny Northern California day in September 1986, our Founder achieved the ultimate epiphany - a new and fundamental realization of the true nature of reality. It came at a time when he was least looking for it - a surprising reward in a lifetime quest. And though now he finally possessed the ultimate in spiritual liberation, he chose to stay in the world as we know it and offer what he had found to other seekers.

Since then, in the course of relating his discovery to the way people live their lives and pursue their quests, he has gone on to find the answers to many of the questions people too often ask with little hope of real answers.

Our Founder, Speaker Allen, had been looking for answers too. An active seeker for more than thirty years, he had studied everything he could get his hands on. Yet there had always been something missing, some hidden piece, some Ultimate Truth, just out of reach. It was not until he had accepted that forcing the issue would not lead to the answers that those very answers were revealed behind the simple activity of watching a bird fly. The story of that moment and the epiphany that occurred within it is Chapter One of this book.

But there is more. Here is substantial information that changes lives and enterprises for the better. Here is your opportunity to begin your journey from Life A, the mere existence given to you by the power of confusion, lies, deceit, vested interests and ignorance, to Life B, the wonderful and astounding yet simple truth!

If you already believe or suspect the Life B statement to be true, then you are halfway home; if the best you have is a wish that it were true, then you are ready!

Order this book now and get yourself onto the road to the truth about how life works and your powerful role in it!

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   Babelism 1: How Word Choices Trap Us or Liberate Us
   Babelism 2: How Language Differences Keep Us Socially Divided
   Babelism 3: The Religion Question
   Bad Behavior 1: Misalignment
   Bad Behavior 2: Pre-emptive Defensiveness
   The Health Aspect of Integrity
   The State of Ęscir
   The Ęscirian Triosophy
   Semantic Adjustment
   Fear of Nothing
   Chaos and Causation
   A Spiritual Calculus
   The River

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