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Visitor Guide

What can we do for you?

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What can we do for you?

  • Lucidity
    Our introductory article presents our answer.
  • Listen to Speaker Allen
    As interviewed by Allan Hunkin on success-talk.com!
  • NEW

  • ∆scirian Perspectives
    A compilation of selected essays and transcripts by our Speaker.
  • The Effectiveness Profile
    In-browser computer-administered self-improvement guidance.
  • To get an overview of this site, read the Site Navigation section below. This is a complex site, yet it makes sense once you see the pattern of it.
  • To get the full picture of our organization and services, go to the ASC Missions Group, ntc. section of this site and check out our various Missions.
  • If you want everything, you should go to the State of ∆scir section of this site and check out membership.
  • Remember, this site is always growing! Drop by frequently to keep up with us as we fill in the blanks.

Site Navigation

This site consists of a series of home pages (sub-sites) arranged behind this Port of Entry and linked together through a menu system. Each of those pages shares the format of this page: each has its own menu along the left side of the screen, and a document window. (You are reading in the document window of the Port of Entry page just now.)

Our two primary home pages are linked in the menu on this page: The State of ∆scir, and ASC Missions Group, ntc. The links to the home pages of our various Missions are on the ASC Missions Group page. This site plan follows our legal structure: The State of ∆scir is represented by ASC Missions Group, ntc, which in turn serves as the senior management shell for all of our Missions.

Each home page opens with its own top menu, and each menu item links either to another (sub)menu, or to a document. Submenus replace the top menu. A document link is identified by a -:- symbol, and replaces whatever is in the document window when the link is clicked.

Your browser's Back button is an important part of navigating this site: use it return along your steps one at a time. Each change will occur in exactly the reverse of the order of the route you took coming in.

If you wish to jump to a different part of this site, it can be much more simple and even faster just to use the Return section at the top of each menu. In all pages except the Port of Entry page there is a set of links to higher pages, all the way back to the Port of Entry page. Near the top of each menu is the title of the page that menu is part of; when there is a Return section in a menu, it will be located above the page title. Clicking one of those links will take you directly to your choice from the home pages above the page you are on.

There are eight links in the menu for the Port of Entry page, each of which is discussed in more detail below. Two lead to the primary home pages in this site; the remaining four lead to general information documents:

  1. The State of Æscir: The State of Æscir's home page, covering the usual things a government's page might: general information on the State, its founder and purpose; includes membership and citizenship information and links for joining us and to our Treasury's QuickClerk for accepting your donations and membership assessments.
  2. ASC Missions Group, ntc.: the holding and coordinationg agency for the various Missions of the State of Æscir; provides information about the State of Æscir's various Missions and includes access to our publications and "Free" articles.
    • Æscirian Service Consulates
        Personal Counseling and Training Services for the Individual Seeker.
    • The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management, ntc.
        Business, management and professional consulting.
    • Æscirian University Network
        A private educational system
    • ASC BlueFlame Impressions, ntc.
        Our publications unit, offering materials both as appreciation for donations and "for free".
    • The Æscirian CyberCenter
        On-line PHP- and JAVA-based counseling and tutoring.

    Links to each of these Missions are in the ASC Missions Group, ntc. home page. Specific information regarding each Mission may be found on its sub-site.

  3. Visitor Guide: the page you are now reading.
  4. ∆scirFAQs: a listing of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.
  5. Site Map: a visual outline document with jump links to each home page within the site, and provides a top-level view of what is available in each sub-site.
  6. Glossary: a listing with definitions of our specific vocabulary.
  7. Service Providers & Friends: links to the people with whom we do business to get this web presence out there to you. It may also come to include links to persons and groups with whom we form other affiliations.
  8. Contact Us: our contact information.

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