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Æscir, the word, is a combined form of two words: Æther + scire, using only the ¨Æ¨ portion of Æther.

Æther is the ancient alchemic term for the all-pervasive undetectable sub-fabric of the universe; in Æscirology, Æther is consciousness itself, within and of which all else manifests.

Scire is the Latin root word for ¨science¨: to know, to discern. Thus Æscir, the science of Æther, and ultimately, self- knowledge.

Æscir is pronounced with an accented first syllable ¨short¨ e (as in ¨bet¨) + shir, (rhymes with ¨her¨).

Æscir is an ecclesiastical state manifesting both spiritually and politically.

As a spiritual state, Æscir is the degree of self-knowledge (Æ, from Æther, the self-aware conscious true self, + scire, to know, [the root of the word science], thus knowledge of self) attained by an individual and, by extension, the whole of consciousness itself. (This is to say that the effects of spiritual recovery are cumulative to the group.)

As a political State, Æscir is a sovereign non-secular organization representing, supporting, and protecting from religious interference, those individuals who subscribe to the Æscirian Contemplation. An individual subscriber to the Æscirian Contemplation is called an Æscirian and is considered ecclesiastically to be a member of Æscir, and politically to be a Citizen of Æscir.

Æscirian (Æ[ther], consciousness, + scir[os], science, + ian) of or relating to ∆scir or its world-view; an individual who subscribes to some significant segment of the ∆scirian world-view.

The Æscirian Contemplation comprises three general subdivisions: knowledge, application, and practice. The Contemplation is an ¨affirmation¨, invoked through recitation.

The Æscirian Contemplation includes a personal declaration of mutual respect and reasonable cooperation and coexistence in all things.

The ∆scirian Triosophy A three-part (tri-) description of personal and mass existence covering consciousness and creativity, spiritual therapy and re-orientation, and sociology.

Æscirology is the study of the self-actualization of Æther. Æscirology has been and may continue to be known as Manifestational Chaos Theory, the study of the attributes, mechanics, errors and remedial principles involved in the manifestation of ¨reality¨.

Æsciretics is the application of the mechanical and remedial facets of Æscirology toward the clarification of individual and organizational conditions and the actualization of foundations for individual and organizational success. Æsciretics has been and may continue to be known as Semantic Adjustment. The individual subset is known as Lucidity Enhancement; the organizational subset is known as Consensus Adjustment.

Æscirism is the social practice of the Æscirian Contemplation and includes, secondarily, the ecumenical history of the self- actualization of Æther as ¨the universe¨ and ¨life¨, and opinions and research as to the genetic development of various consciousness-vehicular life forms.

Æscirian Psychology A theory of behavior based on the idea that people are conscious and intentional beings who are pursuing goals (basically, just trying to "do things"), but are inhibited by the fact of their being to whatever degree disoriented as to their own true nature and therefore as to how things work, and whose future efforts are tainted by unresolved past frustrations (difficulties, conflicts, misunderstandings, failures and trauma).

Manifestational Chaos Theory The idea that all structure and process is inherent in nature, waiting only to be observed and made real through application; that each manifestation occurs pursuant to definite principles and patterns which can be discovered and amplified to bring about desired results. A scientific theory of existence, creation and consciousness; a ¨spiritual calculus¨.


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