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Frequently Asked Questions


     Pronunciation:   accented first syllable ¨short¨ e (as in ¨bet¨) + shir, (rhymes with ¨her¨).
     Derivation:   a combined form of two words: Æther + scire.
    Æther is the ancient alchemic term for the all-pervasive undetectable sub-fabric of the universe; in Æscirology, Æther is consciousness itself, within which and from which all else manifests.
    Scire is the Latin root word for ¨science¨: to know, to discern.
     Definition:   discernment of consciousness; self-knowledge.

¨-ology¨, ¨-etics¨, AND ¨-ism?¨

     Yes. Each of these suffixes means something different. By separating those things within the general subject that best fall beneath each suffix, we present the subject in a more easily examined form.
     This separation allows the public to choose from among the three major parts of what we offer without being required to accept any other part. For example, someone might more or less reject the ¨ism¨ section, and even neglect the ¨ology¨ section, because his only real interest is in the ¨etics¨ section: all he wants from us is a little help with an unwanted condition. He shouldn't have to and doesn't have to subscribe to our beliefs or lifestyle to get that help.
     In this way we allow for complete freedom of choice per our own Non-indoctrination Policy.
     The distinctions are as follows.

     -ology:   (logos, study):
     Æscirology   A research into the fundamental nature of consciousness and its creative role in reality.

     -etics:   (derived from):
     Æsciretics   Applications intended to effect Spiritual Regeneration.

     -ism:   (the Way of):
     Æscirism   Speculations on an Æscirian Way of Life.

What is an Eleemosynary Trust?

     Trust:   A Trust is a private agreement among individuals that establishes the holding, administration and disposition of specific assets for the benefits of certain individuals, usually specified in particular but not always; a Trust exists for specified purposes and endures for a period, limited or otherwise, as specified within its declaration.
     Eleemosynary:  (el'-ie-mahs'-in-air-ie)   Of or pertaining to education and the distribution of alms.
     In the case of an Eleemosynary Trust, the beneficiary is usually a group as a whole, such as an economic class, or a congregation; in the case of Æscir and ASC Missions Group, ntc., the beneficiary is the entire present and future population of Earth.
     The ASC Missions Group, ntc., Eleemosynary Trust is perpetual and irrevocable, as are its various Sub-Trust Missions.


     "ntc" means nul tiel corpus - basically, Latin for "no corporeal body". This is essentially legal notice to all concerned that the entity so designated is not claiming corporate status and protections, and is thus not subject to corporation-specific regulation. In our case, as an eleemosynary trust we find our tax-exempt status to be automatic through IRC §508 rather than a corporate privilege under IRC §501.

¨State Department¨?

     Æscir is an independent Agency, in the world but not of it, represented by ASC Missions Group, ntc., Irrevocable Eleemosynary Trust. As such, its relations with local nations are handled by a State Department in much the same way as are those of any other sovereign government.

What is the ¨Mission¨?

     We are here to accomplish several things.
     Generally, people are spiritually debilitated by disorientation as to What and Who they are; we are here to bring personal clarification to all those who wish it, and to their organizations.

Is this for real?

     More real than you know.

Isn't this just another organized religion that will end up dominating people?

    Who can say?!
    The Speaker has installed several internal safeguards to keep that from happening, but long-term it really depends upon the people who become involved. If no one agrees to anything just because some authority says so, then the answer is ¨No!¨.
    But if people continue to follow leaders instead of educating themselves and deciding for themselves; if they continue to seek the false security of social programs over personal responsibility and cooperation; if they do not remain vigilant but instead sit back and ¨let someone else do it¨, then ¨Yes!¨ They'll wind up just as dominated as they always have been!
    Æscir, as with any organization, is viable only to the extent its people's integrity is intact. Ultimately, it's up to you!
    In the meantime, rest assured that for the duration of his tenure, the Speaker will ¨hang out to dry¨ anyone found to be seeking to turn the power of the State of Æscir to personal or political advantage.


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