Two States of Being

Æscir is an ecclesiastical state manifesting both spiritually and politically.

As a spiritual state, Æscir is the degree of self-knowledge (Æ, from Æther, the self-aware conscious true self, + scire, to know, [the root of the word science], thus knowledge of self) attained by an individual and, by extension, the whole of consciousness itself. (This is to say that the effects of spiritual recovery are cumulative to the group.)

As a political State, Æscir is a sovereign non-secular organization representing, supporting, and protecting from religious interference, those individuals who subscribe to the Æscirian Contemplation. An individual subscriber to the Æscirian Contemplation is called an Æscirian and is considered ecclesiastically to be a member of Æscir, and politically to be a Citizen of Æscir.

See the Glossary and FAQs for further information on definitions and pronunciation.

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