The Speaker

Speaker Allen is a self-educated semanticist, Manifestational Chaos Theorist and metaphysician who has dedicated his life to the applications of his science to improving the human condition. He is the primary developer of the doctrine of Acceptance (the Æscirian Triosophy).

Allen is the founder of the Æscirian Service Consulates and Speaker for the State of Æscir. His work is to articulate and present the Æscirian Triosophy to those who seek its benefits, and to serve as State of Æscir's chief representative to the world through ASC Missions Group, ntc., a sovereign ecclesiastical Trust, and its various Missions.

He is also the founder, chief developer and Sr. Partner of The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management, ntc. (TM), a visionary new respect-based business management method and management consultancy, headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Further biographical material is included in the Speaker's book, Mind Matters - how thought becomes reality, available elsewhere on this site.

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