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The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management, ntc.

The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management is a specialty executive consulting firm. We offer Affirmative Direction, a comprehensive step-by-step management philosophy and method that clearly articulates company vision, goals and strategies, and automatically stimulates employee alignment with them. Affirmative Direction generates increased earnings and unprecedented levels of corporate integrity.

Working as private consultants to top executives, Articulate Management has spent the past several years quietly applying advanced philosophy to assist already-successful Presidents, CEO's and their managers in doubling and even tripling their companies' growth and/or profitability curves.

We have developed a way to ensure that your ideas get across to your people effectively, so they can take them as their own and run with them with minimal supervision. This usually increases productivity more than 25% while comparably reducing administrative and disciplinary drag on executives.

We have developed a management method that focuses you and your people on affirmatively pursuing what you want rather than negatively avoiding what you don't want. It helps your people find their own reasons for doing excellent work. This can facilitate general performance improvements of over 40%.

We have assisted clients to achieve many specific results, including:

Doubling a working General Manager's throughput;
Obtaining a 10X improvement in a major division of a public utility;
Tripling an engineering firm's profits while virtually eliminating interpersonal friction;
Reducing turnover in client companies by an average of 50% or more the first year;
Increasing profitability in every client for whom profit was the primary value;
Increasing an owner's productivity while recovering 2-3 hours per day for his family;
Removing the stress and guesswork from dealing with staff; and,
Assisting scores of top executives to rediscover the joys of their work (and lives).

The power of our methods is that they are based on mutual respect and a practical philosophy. Further, we have a special insight into the difficulties involved in communicating vision and motivating people to rally to the future it describes.

Our strategy is to enhance the abilities of leaders to stimulate people to achieve admirable results. Our purpose is to make work (and life) more rewarding by replacing stress and conflict with harmony and initiative.

The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management is a mission to the business community which seeks to reverse the seemingly inevitable trend toward the consumption of the lives and identities of people by the very businesses upon which they must depend to derive their necessities of life. The beneficiaries of this mission are the children of tomorrow, in that our success or failure may well decide whether theirs is a future of stifling regimentation and corporate servitude, or one of limitless possibilities to make individual contributions to the honor of the human spirit, in the process raising the standard of living for the entire world, as they have in renaissances past.

Allen Hacker, founder and Executive Director of the Institute, has applied his expertise in General Semantics (a linguistic theory) to the problem of how people envision their businesses and their roles as business executives, managers, employees and customers. He has published a book on personal philosophy explaining how the way we think defines our personal experience of life, and has used the principles from that work in consulting business executives for over twelve years. And he has established an organization composed of Ecclesiastical, Educational and Humanitarian Trusts, each charged with adapting that philosophy to a distinct area of human endeavor. Accordingly, The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management, as a mission rather than a business for profit, is organized as an Humanitarian Trust (ID# 77-0313297).

The goal of The Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management is ¨to have established a universal business and social ethic and practice based on mutual respect¨, which will in turn bring about ¨the world at peace, with benevolent commerce the foremost social enthusiasm¨.

Affirmative DirectionTM

Direct personnel toward (in affirmation of) the company's desired situations and objectives by helping them find their own reasons for performing well.

A comprehensive step-by-step management philosophy and method that clearly articulates company vision, goals and strategies, and automatically stimulates employee alignment with and initiative toward those ideals, all while generating increased earnings and unprecedented levels of corporate integrity.

Most people grow up being told what not to do. And those who have taken their life experience into the business place have extended the tendency to propagate the sins of history into the next generation: they manage against what they don't want instead of in favor of what they do want! In fact, this has gone so far that these days most people are far better at saying what they don't want than at saying what they do want.

We offer a personnel management method called Affirmative Direction that instead tells employees what is wanted and why, using the Alignment Construct, the Strategic Contingency Plans and company philosophy (discussed in the following sections) as the bases for each such conversation. With Affirmative Direction everyone knows ¨what¨ and ¨why¨, and disciplinary situations resolve easily without tending to become ongoing problems.

Affirmative Direction is structured as a series of nineteen steps, each subdivided in terms of philosophical basics and including relevant tools and procedures, through which a company and its personnel must work in order to achieve a powerhouse position of internal alignment and holistic integrity.

The following is a topical listing:





We have yet to find a single organization that performs all of these functions. And most are less than competent at several of the ones they do attempt. (Of course, now that we've published the list....) Actually, each of these steps comprises one or more important techniques, and that's where the real breakdown occurs. Having this list will help some people, but usually only by pointing to how much more they need to learn.

Affirmative Direction is an elegant integration of all of the major management factors, as upgraded according to our philosophy, and includes our own innovations in the vision, planning and interpersonal functions.

The typical Articulate Management delivery plan.

1. Assist each executive and manager to discover and strategize the correction of his or her specific effectiveness imbalances; the Analysis & Strategy Consultation.

1a. Do the same thing with the executive team and each management group; the Composite Profile.

2. Facilitate the development of an Alignment Construct and Strategic Contingency Plan, to provide a coherent foundation for consistent, predictable management.

3. Train executives and managers on advanced communication skills and the Affirmative Conversation by way of the Interactions Workshops (Objectives, Sales), to give them the interactive tools needed to provide respectful guidance, support and inspiration to their people and each other.

4. Teach the Standing Enhancement Procedures, to provide a process-oriented approach to continuous improvement. Can be done in workshop form.

5. In one-on-one consultations, cover the fundamentals of management philosophy, using our highly effective tutoring method, Socratic Inquiry.

6. In one-on-one consultations (as needed and requested, and absolutely confidential), apply Semantic Adjustment to individual difficulties and performance blocks.

7. Provide additional supportive services, by way of ongoing follow-through.

The following outline illustrates how just three of our primary products integrate and enhance existing management technology.

Alignment Construct

Strategic Contingency Planning

Standing Enhancement Procedures

The bulk of [our catalog] is filled with descriptions of our primary services. Each fills a niche within Affirmative Direction, and together they fully enable "TQM" (Total Quality Management).

Articulate Management's Product

Leaders (executives, managers and professionals, and persons of social influence) who are increasingly more effective at:
- seeing an existing situation clearly;
- envisioning a more desirable situation;
- identifying the differences between the two;
- planning a sequence of changes to bring about the desired situation; and
- following through by properly directing the appropriate people in their performance of the actions required by the plan.

Founder: Allen Hacker, Mta.


Private consultation to senior executives, with supporting management training and workshops; application of manifestational chaos theory to business.

Consultant / practitioner since 1976.

Founded the Æscirian Institute for Articulate Management, ntc., July 1989.
(Originally, Socratic Systems)


Wide-ranging experience and track record of success in custom-home construction, casino management, mining, publishing, and political party management.


· Articulate Management (TM)
A management philosophy that addresses top-level ideation in business; applies the principles that
(1) a business is a reflection of its leaders' thinking, and that
(2) changing a business is a matter of clarifying, refining and articulating that thinking into a coherent vision.

· Affirmative Direction (TM)
A proactive management method that focuses on principles and alignment, and facilitates the creation and achievement of desired outcomes.

· Socratic Inquiry (TM)
An instructional method based on applied linguistics and refinements in the Socratic Method.

· Semantic Adjustment (TM)
Q&A techniques for assisting individuals and groups to adjust their world-views and working understandings.

· Consensus Adjustment (TM)
A management technique, based on Semantic Adjustment, for shifting corporate and group culture.

· Effectiveness Profile (TM)
A computerized comparative analysis of twenty effectiveness attributes in six categories; used for professional improvement needs identification.

EDUCATIONAL FOCUS Applied Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science.


Political philosophy, geophysics, koi & tropicals, home fixup, Nature.